Next PTE General Test Session: December 2018

Click here for all dates relating to the May and June 2018 PTE General Test Sessions.

Session May 2018 Jun-18
Access arrangements request deadline 9-Apr 08-May
Deadline for submission of interlocutor/assessor application forms 9-Apr 08-May
Entry deadline 16-Apr 14-May
Test taker withdrawal deadline 04-May 01-Jun
Test taker personal details amendment deadline 06-Aug 03-Sep
Oral test period 05 May - 19 May 02 Jun - 16 June
Written test 19-May 16-Jun
Deadline for completed tests to be received by Pearson 25-May 22-Jun
Results available via Edexcel Online 23-Jul 20-Aug
Results despatched by post from UK 23-Jul 20-Aug
Performance reports sent by email from UK 30-Jul 27-Aug
Certificates dispatched by post from UK 20-Aug 17-Sep

Please note, for administrative reasons, it is not always possible to offer every test session to all centres. If you have a local representative please contact them for all test dates available to your region, if not, e-mail our head office at for details.

These dates are for test centres' reference. Test takers please refer to your local test centre for further information.

Please note that the dates given below apply to PTE General tests only. For PTE Young Learners test dates, please see the PTE Young Learners page.

PTE General Level 5 is offered in May and December.