PTE Young Learners: English assessment that you can trust!

PTE Young Learners provides fun English language assessment for students aged six to 13, delivered by EdExcel, the UK’s largest examining body.

There are four different levels of PTE Young Learners, to suit students from pre-A1 to A2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference.

The tests assess a young learner’s ability to use English language communicatively, with an emphasis on real-life scenarios rather than on knowledge of specific language items and vocabulary.

Meet the Browns!

Throughout the four test levels, test takers experience some of the everyday activities, adventures and mishaps of the Browns, a British family. They become familiar with the characters and events, which makes the testing experience both very comfortable and highly engaging.

Fun activities

The format of the test is enjoyable. The spoken part consists of a group board game played with other test takers. Another task allows candidates to give short talks and communicate with each other. Many of the tasks in the written part are based around engaging visuals.

The topics within PTE Young Learners are international, age-appropriate and interesting to children. For example, families, pets and school are all included.

As the tests are scenario-based, topics and language are repeated. This reinforcement of content and language gives test takers the confidence they need to perform well.

Although the test is presented using British English, American English is also acceptable.

Integrated skills

PTE Young Learners integrates the four skills. This is important because when communicating in English, students are often required to combine several language skills to perform a task.

Largest awarding-body in the UK

PTE Young Learners is provided by Edexcel Limited, the largest UK awarding body for academic and vocational qualifications. Edexcel Limited is the official awarding body for PTE Young Learners, so you can be sure that you are showing your students’ progress in an objective, international environment.

About our scores

Detailed feedback is provided in the form of a candidate performance report, which includes a breakdown of the scores for listening, speaking, reading and writing. These are sent to the test centers who distribute them accordingly. The grades awarded for the test are Distinction, Merit or Pass. If test takers do not achieve a Pass grade, they receive a candidate performance report, but not a certificate.

  • Four levels of assessment: Firstwords, Springboard, Quickmarch, Breakthrough
  • Uses authentic situations from everyday life that children understand
  • Child-friendly format: includes board-games, free expression and more
  • Practical: measures real English by focusing less on grammar and more on communication
  • Delivered by EdExcel and marked independently, showing that your school is teaching effectively